How to Join

Only A Few Steps to Join LeTipl!

To join LeTip, first, you must locate a chapter with an opening for your business. Click here to view a list of common categories. Once you decide on a category, you can contact a member of the local chapter and arrange to come to a meeting.

Your first meeting is free! Since you cannot apply for membership until your second meeting, there is no pressure or risk to coming.

At the second meeting, if you chose to apply you’ll fill out the necessary paperwork. Once completed, you’ll schedule your business “inspection”. The inspector will verify the quality of your business as we want to be sure we can refer with confidence.

At the third meeting the chapter will vote on your membership. After the vote, the President will call to let you know your membership status.

What We Expect From LeTip Members

We expect you to attend weekly meetings to build relationships. During meetings, you need to pass, on average, one qualified referral every week. Our members are expected to be ethical, professional and experienced in your line of work. The goal is for you to help all your fellow members to be successful and they are to do the same for you.

How Long for Results After I Join LeTip?

LeTip is not a get rich fast scheme. It takes time to earn the trust of your chapter members, to become adept in the networking arena, to learn to promote yourself and your business with ease. If you expect instant reward, LeTip is not for you. If you want to build long-standing business relationships that will earn you qualified referrals for years to come, then LeTip is for you.