Am I confined to conducting business only with fellow members?

Certainly not – if for no other reason that we’re all busy businesspeople and don’t have time to track you! Seriously though, if you have a good relationship established with a service provider, no one expects you to change. Most members find they do business with most of their fellow members because they know and trust them. If you support your fellow members, they will support you.

How are members accountable for passing referrals?

During the meeting members fill out “tip forms” which inform fellow members of a referral as well as form the basis of our system of accountability. Chapters keep records of how many referrals each member has given and received, as well as revenues generated due to those referrals. Members get recognized for exceptional referrals, being a top giver of referrals, etc. In turn these members usually receive more business.

How are problems resolved?

Each chapter has a board and ethics chair who will resolve any issues that arise.

How can I join?

There are a few steps to joining. First, you must locate a chapter with an opening for your business. You should then contact a member of their board and arrange to come to a meeting. Your first meeting is free and you cannot apply for membership until your second meeting, so there is no pressure or risk to coming. After two meetings if you chose to apply you must fill out the necessary paperwork and schedule to have your business “inspected.” The inspector’s job is to verify the quality of your business as we want to be sure we can refer with confidence. Once that is done, at the third meeting the chapter will vote and at that point you’ll be a member!

How is LeTip different from other networking organizations?

We hear consistently from members that switch to LeTip that our meetings are more structured. We realize that your time is valuable, so meetings run on a set schedule. The LeTip system has been in practice for over 20 years, in that time we’ve learned what works and the system is designed to reinforce good practices.

Is LeTip different than chamber networking breakfasts?

Its night and day. Go to two chamber breakfasts, by the time the second one rolls around you’ll notice most of the people are different, your competition is there, few people know each other, and even fewer referrals are being passed. LeTip chapters are allowed only one member per business category, it’s like a little monopoly. You’ll see the same people every meeting, so you’ll actually get to know each other and your businesses. LeTip also has a system of rewards and accountability for passing referrals.

What’s a Power Partner?

Some people will naturally be able to refer more business to you than others. Oftentimes its because your businesses work together on a transaction, complementary industries, or just have the same target clientele. Here’s a few examples: Working together on a transaction – buying a home: Real Estate, Mortgage Loans, Escrow, Property Insurance Complementary Industries – business technology: Web Design, Computer Consultant, Fax/Copier Service Target Clientele – residential: Carpet Cleaner, Landscape Maintenance, Home Cleaning Service, Window Cleaning. Figuring out who your Power Partners are and spending extra time building a relationship with them is a worthy endeavor.

What’s My Network?

Your network is the people you know – your family, friends, staff, co-workers, clients etc. If you start to think about it, its probably hundreds of people. Chances are, the next person you meet probably knows hundreds of people as well. If you try to sell your business services or products to the next person you meet, you might get lucky – but build a relationship and you’ll gain access to their network.

Will I be responsible for bringing guests?

Once a member, many chapters do have bonuses for bringing guests or having them join. Within your first year as a member you will be responsible for bringing one new member into the chapter. We do this as growing the sphere of influence is important to the success of a chapter – its hard to network with yourself!